Senin, 01 Oktober 2012

Airplane Simulator

Airplane simulator is a system that embodies the image of a flight close to reality. Originally the simulation is used to development, testing, and verification of an airplane hardware and software. But over time, Edward A. Link Jr. makes a airplane simulator not only for the development of the aircraft. But more dedicated to training pilots before they are using the real airplane.

During the 1920's Edward A. Link Jr. worked in the manufacture of organ Link Piano and Organ Company in Binghamton. Then he learned to fly a plane and get a pilot's license in 1927. In 1928 he began building what is now a pilot Trainer simulator. In a short time he made a wide range of simulators for various types of civilian and military aircraft. Edward Link bagging three patents for his creations airplane simulator:

  1. Patent No. 1,825,462 (12 March 1920)
  2. Patent No. 2,244,464 (June 3, 1941) 
  3. Patent No. 2,358,016 (12 September 1944)
Airplane simulator was first used by the United States Air Force which was established in 1949, having lost five pilots while conducting flight in the evening. This is due to poor weather and the pilot unprepared to face the possibilities that occur. By using a simulator, a pilot at the possible to train himself to fly a plane and facing a variety of conditions that may be he encounter in actual flight.

So the potential for success to overcome any interference and threats increased dramatically, as well as the potential failure dropped dramatically. Today the simulation has grown rapidly, to be made an airplane simulator game that function like a simulator, but the storyline of a game, so the person will not experience boredom when wearing it.

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